Student Work Examples

8C's social studies class combines sorting and Blooms Taxonomy:
Students used Blooms Taxonomy's question generating categories to create higher order thinking sorting cards. This activity helped students become more engaged in class discussions and better prepared for their unit exam.

Freshmen English students' top-down webs:
Students used evidence from the first few chapters of To Kill a Mockingbird to create top-down webs of Scout's character traits. They then used the ideas on their webs to write paragraphs about Scout.
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Student work on picking out the correct main idea- introductory activity- Grade 6

                    Summary Template

  • Got amazing grades
  • Tests were great
  • HW very good except sometimes when absent
  • Mostly A’s
  • Could improve socratives

    This term I did amazing on test and homework assignments but there are a few things that I could work on. For example I could do better on the socratives quizzes in science. I could also work on turning in homework when I'm absent. In addition I've done so well on tests and quizzes this term. I have got mostly A’s this term and I have always been good with turning in homework. I've always been studying for test and quizzes and I've always put my best effort into them. I think I've done very well this term.

 Student summary example- summary of term performance- Grade 6

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