Friday, October 30, 2015

KTL Newsletter 1 - Top Down Webs

I know we are all busy with the many things required of a teacher, but I wanted to give you a couple reminders and tips for implementing strategies from the Key Comprehension Routine.

This week's focus is on top-down webs. 

Just a few reminders...

Teachers must be careful not to overwhelm students with too many different types of graphic organizers. Students are more likely to use them independently if they are exposed to just a few basic formats. The Keys to Literacy programs focus specifically on a top-down topic web format because it is flexible enough to be used with any subject matter and clearly differentiates between broad main ideas and supporting facts.

Topics webs can be generated on any size paper, and colored markers can be used to emphasize the relationship between ideas.  Here is a link to the Keys page on topic webs

Keys also has a blog with you which is a great resource for you to get easy, quick ideas to use in your classrooms. To receive a notification about a new blog post, click on the link below and subscribe.

Here's a short article about disciplinary literacy (content literacy) from the blog that helps to sum up what we are doing and why we are implementing Keys in the content areas.

A huge thank you to all the Keys Coaches for modeling lessons last week- they did an amazing job! We are fortunate to have coaches at BHS and MSMS who are very knowledgeable about implementing the strategies. Please be sure to reach out to one of them or me if you have any questions, ideas or need support.

Also, thank you to all of you who attended the modeled lessons. I hope you found it as helpful and useful as I did!

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