Friday, April 15, 2016

KTL Newsletter 10 - Two-Column Notes

By now, many of you have seen or even used two-column notes in your classes.  The structure and layout of this model make it extremely versatile and easy to incorporate into all disciplines. Most tend to use two-column notes to assist students while reading sections from textbooks or when learning new vocabulary.  However, two-column notes can also be used to do a closer analysis of material.  For example, students can use two-column notes to analyze quotes from a piece of literature they are reading.  Two-column quotes (clever, I know) help students evaluate and explain quotes to give them a deeper understanding of the literature and help improve their topic development in writing.  

For example, as part of a diversity unit, students were asked to read a book where the protagonist is affected by a certain trait that makes him/her different.  Students were asked to pick quotes that illustrate how the trait affects the character’s life.  Teachers can tailor the analysis to emphasize whatever aspect(s) they deem important.