Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Grade 5
Francis Wyman
Mrs. Clancy

Students in grade 5 have been using two column notes to learn their vocabulary words. Each week students are presented with vocabulary words from books, articles, and/or other subject matter. Creating two column notes for these words is a weekly routine that has helped students acquire the new words more completely.

We begin by choosing one vocabulary word and filling in the two column notes together. The group works together to write the definition, part of speech, synonym, antonym, example, sentence, and an illustration. We have a conversation about the word and share the pencil. It is truly collaborative.

Next, students independently choose a vocabulary word. They fill in their two column notes. They must come up with a synonym and antonym. This helps with understanding the meaning of the word. Next, they must write an example and write a sentence. Writing the word in a sentence provides better context for a student. Lastly, students draw a picture. Using a visual deepens the understanding and memory of the new word.

Students share their two column notes with the group. By creating the two column notes and discussing the words, vocabulary words are learned!

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