Wednesday, September 20, 2017

AP Spanish kicks off the school year with Keys to Literacy Summarizing Tools

Recently, our AP Spanish class began reviewing how to write a persuasive essay in Spanish. As portion of the AP Spanish Language and Culture exam, students are assessed on their ability to read print texts that presents one side of an issue, listen to an audio recording that presents a different viewpoint, and interpret the content of a visual graph or table that illustrates data related to the topic. After reading, listening, and analyzing the information, students write a persuasive essay that presents information from all three sources in order to introduce their own point of view.
Spanish teachers, Profe De Sousa and Profe Dacey, encouraged students to use a Keys to Literacy summarizing tool to help identify the key ideas within the three sources and distinguish the main ideas from the details. Check out the student sample 1 and student sample 2 that illustrate some examples of students’ work completed during the summarizing activity in AP Spanish class.

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