Friday, December 1, 2017


This year, the BHS World Language department continues to collaborate and share best teaching practices. Specifically, we have maintained an ongoing effort to integrate resources from the Keys to Literacy program to reinforce students’ summarizing skills.

In Profe De Sousa and Mrs. Dacey’s AP Spanish class, students read a fragment of Three Heros (Tres héroes) in Spanish written by José Martí, a famous Cuban revolutionary patriot and writer. After reading the historical piece, students completed a Keys to Literacy summary template in Spanish. To show comprehension of the written text, students completed the document by listing the main ideas from the reading and including an introductory sentence that stated the topic of the summary. Next, they rewrote the main ideas in their own words. Lastly, students integrated transitional vocabulary when writing a paragraph that summed up the reading in their own words. Check out some of the summaries written by our AP Spanish students: Student Sample 1 and Student Sample 2.

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