Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Question Generator
Carrie Casey
Francis Wyman
Grade 5

After watching my colleague, Laura Agostino, do a lesson with her Reading class, I decided to do the same lesson with my Reading class with some modifications.  
In small guided reading groups, students were introduced to Bloom’s Question Terms. They created a Top Down web to include terms that made sense to them.

Later, in small guided reading groups the students used these organizers to help them come up with 6 questions about the book Hatchet.  They wrote a question for each type of question.

Bloom’s Questions
A. Shaikh

List some character traits how Brian was before the crash.
Summarize the first chapter.
Illustrate what you think Brian’s shelter looks like.
Compare the porcupine attack to the skunk attack.
After reading Hatchet, rate how you think the book was and support with reasons.
Make a before and after of how Brian’s hatchet looked (2D or 3D).

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