Friday, June 8, 2018

KTL and Literature Circles
Nicole Mondello, Mary Kathryn Conceison

Grade 5 ELA

Main idea, categorizing, top down topic webs, summarizing and more, what a year of trying to use KTL strategies to build comprehension for our fourth and fifth graders! As the eleventh hour of June rolls around ELA teacher, Mary Kathryn Conceison, and I planned a final exercise for students. We decided that Literature Circles seemed like an exciting and interactive way to maintain engagement, release responsibility to students as they become independent middle school students. What we weren’t expecting- how easily KTL strategies fit into almost every literature circle role.

You get the idea…

Word Wizard, uses two column notes for recording and defining new vocabulary.
Bloom’s Question Generator, generates a question from each level of Bloom’s Taxonomy at the end
of specific chapters.
Note Taker, keeps track of the plot of the story using Two column notes.
Summarizer, “Goldilocks” the main idea of a section of reading.
Connector Leader, keeps track of the accountable talk.

The point, KTL fits into what we already do. Here is a link to the packet.Literature Circles

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