Friday, November 30, 2018

The Middle Child in November 2018
Kerrin Gover

Like the filling of an Oreo cookie, the middle is the best part! Here at MSMS we reap the benefits of all the hard work the elementary staff puts into preparing our students in the KTL strategies. Likewise, we can confidently continue the use of KTL strategies with higher level content so that when students enter BHS they can enjoy academic success almost as much as that chocolate wafer.

Having the fifth grade students learn the strategies for taking 2 column notes has expedited the “I- We-You” process of implementing note taking in 6th grade this year. Students are familiar with the format and we can concentrate on the curriculum content much sooner.

In addition, students are ready to take the note taking skills to the next level. Below is a student generated example of a grade 6 social studies topic.

-Notice that the left side/main idea began as a subheading from their text.

-Students then reread the details on the right side.

-Using the subheading as a “stem” students wrote a more complete main idea on the left.

This simple, reflective, teacher-directed process has allowed student to comprehend these concepts in a more in-depth cohesive way.

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