Monday, September 17, 2018


A lot of times, we think that KTL has to be used in this elaborate, detailed way. WRONG! You can use KTL for quick activities at any time. Below are a few examples.

This web took an everyday example (me) and listed some of my own strengths and challenges. Then the students came up with their own webs of strengths and challenges. I used a word bank for the first one, so they have ideas of words to use under strengths and challenges, and explained how we organized information from the top down, with different symbols and colors. Here is a link to a digital version: strengths/challenges web.

Later, I carried this idea over to evaluating students’ own progress reports or report cards. It is another quick way to use KTL that won’t take up a ton of time, and will help students be more reflective on their academics. Here is an example:

The small square listed the grade, effort and conduct they received. The big square would allow for them to explain how to improve or maintain their grade. This is a quick, easy way to use top down webs while helping students to become better at self-monitoring their grades.

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