Friday, January 17, 2020

Jill Graham
BHS- science

The Evidence is in the Student Work

Keys to Literacy strategies are being utilized in all departments at BHS, and we can see the success of these tools in student work. For a recent assignment, I had students read a National Geographic article on population growth and the effects of overpopulation on our environment. The only direction that I provided was, as they read, to create a list of environmental effects caused by overpopulation. Most students created a top down in order to capture these ideas and organize their work. The student work below is evidence that the strategies are working, and that we have successfully transitioned from the “I do and we do” to the “you do.”

Writing Assignment Guides in Science

Last year, I began utilizing Writing Assignment Guides (WAGs) in my science courses for all writing assignments, including lab reports. I created a detailed WAG for formal lab reports in order to help my students have a better understanding of the process involved in preparing and writing a formal lab report. Additionally, the WAG has links to outside resources as well as exemplars that the students can use for reference. Many students have commented that the WAG has helped to streamline the lab report writing process for them and that they have a much clearer understanding of the purpose. Click here for a link to the lab report WAG. You can fill in more details to make it specific to your experiment?

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